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We help our clients with financial planning, managing their investments and managing their 401k retirement account using point and figure charting.

Mullooly Asset Management is a fee-only investment advisor in Wall Township, NJ.


Helping individuals manage their retirement account at work is something we do a lot. It does not matter if you have a 401k account, a 403b annuity or a 457 deferred compensation account. We manage the stock market risk using point and figure charting. You can reach Thomas Mullooly and his team by phone, at 732-223-9000 or through our contact page, here.



  • Changes to Money Market Funds

    Changes to Money Market Funds have been coming since 2008

    Investors in general are receiving mail about a (normally) pretty dry topic: Money Market funds.
    Really?  Money Market funds?  Is all this mail really necessary?

    Most individuals don’t give “money market accounts” any thought.
    It’s just a parking place for cash, right?

    The biggest change swirls around the creation of “Institutional” Money Market funds (or “Prime” funds) and separate Money Market funds for individuals.  Money market funds for ...


  • How Can You Be So Sure?

    We get asked — often — “how can you be so sure about these charts?  Look at what the market did yesterday!  Are you sure we’re doing the right thing?”

    Now, one of our favorite movies is “My Cousin Vinny”  And when we hear these questions, it sounds a lot like the dialogue between Vinny (Joe Pesce) and Mona Lisa Vito (Marisa Tomei):

    Vinny: How can you be so sure?
    Mona Lisa: If you will look in ...


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